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Wireless Mouse

Dazzling Red
Rainy Gray
Berry Black

Unable to use your touchpad ? or maybe you'd prefer a mouse ?

Tired of pulling your wired mouse ?

If you've answered yes to one or more of the questions above , then you maybe at the right place. Get your hands on the Wireless Mouse and take full control of your web browsing.

This mouse comes in 4 colours and incudes 5 buttons . 2 of the buttons allowing you to go back / go forward when pressed. In order to use the mouse , simply remove the USB underneath the mouse and plug into your Laptop , flick the switch underneath on and you're ready to use your Mouse.

Item type: Wireless Mouse

Colour: Dazzling Red , Teal , Berry Black , Rainy Gray

Number of Buttons: 5

Interface Type: USB

ETA: This item is of high demand and may take 20-30 days to arrive.

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