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Pore Cleaner

White / Rose G.
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Tend to get a random outburst of blackheads in your face?

Sick of trying to get rid of your blackheads with your nails?


Well, you're in luck ... with the Pore Cleaner, you will be able to use this equipment to help you remove/minimize your Blackheads. The Pore Cleaner is made out of plastic and comes in a White / Rose Gold form and is designed to minimize Blackheads on your face.

Before use: Charge equipment for 1-3 hrs, steam your face / wipe your face with a warm towel 

Direction of use : Select a suitable top, turn equipment on, gently move pore cleaner side to side / up and down from the desired place.


Item Type: Blackhead remover

Colour: White / Rose G.

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Material: Plastic

ETA: This item is of high demand and may take 15-25 days to arrive.

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