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Posture Corrector

Paper White
Matte Black

Do you find yourself slouching/standing uneven?

Has your posture been effected by sitting down too often?

Well... you might just be in luck because the Posture Corrector will be able to help you stand more upright and with a greater posture.

Posture Corrector is made out of comfortable composite material. To use this item you simply hang the 2 straps around your shoulders adjusting it to a comfortable but tight fit ,  then wrap the thick strap around your waist.

IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Do this for 2+ hours a day and watch your Posture improve.


Item Type: Posture Corrector

Colour: Black, White, Cream

Material: Composite Material

Effect: Bone Care

ETA: This item is of high demand and may take 20-30 days to arrive.


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